Our Story

Since 2014, RobotGuru (previously: Urban Robotics) has been recommending, curating, and selling robotic vacuum cleaners to Singapore and Southeast Asian homes.

It started when Andy, one of the founders, got his first taste of home automation after receiving his first robotic vacuum cleaner from a friend. The experience was totally liberating. Not only did it free him from repetitive cleaning chores, the floor was so much cleaner than if he were to clean it himself! From the experience, he founded RobotGuru with a team of like-minded partners. Together, they sourced for the best robotic vacuum cleaners in the world, and aspired to put their robots into every single home in Singapore and the region.

The RobotGuru Guarantee

Our Values

We believe in a worry-free future where all our mundane and repetitive household chores are taken care of by robots, freeing us to spend our time and energy on things that matter. That’s why we sell only tried-and-tested quality robots that are reliable and reasonably-priced. We believe in locally-managed, prompt service, so that life can go back to being free and easy ASAP.

Our Promise

  • All our services are handled by a local team and we carry spare parts for all our products.
  • Our video guides and customer support team are dedicated to assisting you with your home automation journey.
  • All products we sell have been thoroughly tried-and-tested to ensure reliability, easy maintenance, and effectiveness. We only carry models that we’ve found are the most suitable for Singapore’s homes.
  • All products we carry are of high quality and among the top 10 international brands, each with 15+ years of experience with robot household products.
  • Owning a robot should not be expensive; any repairs done by our team will be as low as S$10-15 for replacement parts.

Our company’s core values have always been: quality robots, reasonable prices, good customer service and honest business practices. We are happy to say that, after so many years, we are still true to our core values. All products sold by us are carefully curated and tested for months in Singapore homes before making them available for our customers. We only sell products that we strongly believe in and will give us “happy customers”. We are serving thousands of customers now, one day we will serve millions. Thank you for supporting us.

RobotGuru Pte Ltd is a Singapore-registered business.