How to Get the Most Out of Your Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robot vacuums are like helpful little workers for your home! Here are some tips to help it do its job at peak performance:

  1. Get original accessories

Since robot vacuum cleaners can be pretty expensive, you might be tempted to buy third-party vacuum filters. However, these may be incompatible with your robot and damage it instead. So, you’ll want to seek maintenance help from the original vendor instead.

  1. Clear the floor and secure the carpet

Ensure you always pick up objects from the floor before deploying your robot. That includes loose wires, toys, clothes, etc. These could easily get stuck on the robot and cause damage.

You’ll also want to secure your carpet, e.g., using Velcro strips to prevent movement.

  1. Reprogram to maximize efficiency

A modern robot vacuum cleaner has an intelligent navigation system that helps it remember your home layout. But, to get the best cleaning experience over time, you might want to adjust the system to do things differently, regularly.

  1. Set up ramps for easy movement

You could set up a ramp for your robot for a home with some steps that could obstruct cleaning. That way, it will not fall at the humps, but instead, go over it and keep cleaning.

  1. Mind your filters

As with all modern vacuums, you want to ensure yours uses HEPA filtration, and that it you can clean it often.

Furthermore, dirt often gets trapped in brushes wheels and rollers. So, make sure you clean it out often. It keeps the vacuum cleaning optimally and also prolongs its lifespan.

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