ILIFE LaserMap Series 2, Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Wet Mop & Scrub, Laser Scanning & Systematic Mapping, Virtual Wall, Vibrating Water Tank, Smartphone App


The latest ILIFE LaserMap Series, Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Wet Mop, Laser Mapping, Virtual Boundary & Smartphone App Control

Key Features

  • Real-Time Laser Scanning, Most Accurate Layout Mapping for Systematic Clean
  • Virtual Boundary for Restricted Areas
  • Vibrating Large Water Tank for Scrubbing & Deep Mopping
  • Powerful Suction, Quiet Operation
  • Smartphone App Control
  • Mopping Wetness Control (3 Levels)
  • Highly Rated After-Sale Customer Support & Service
  • Trusted Local Singapore Warranty (1 Year)